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University Management

Ayrat Valiev


  • Hobbies: reading, fishing
  • Goals: to become one of the TOP 10 agrarian universities in Russia
  • Here and now: preparing high class specialists for agrarian sector in Republic of Tatarstan and Russian Federation

Phone: +7 (843) 567-45-00


Bulat Ziganshin

The first vice-rector. Vice-rector for scientific and international activities.

  • Hobbies: reading, studying English
  • Goals: learn to speak English fluently 
  • Here and now: developing scientific and international work

Phone: +7 (843) 567-46-10


Andrey Dmitriev

Vice-rector for educational activities

  • Hobbies: walks on fresh air
  • Goals: improving professional skills and competencies
  • Here and now: controlling educational process and student's leisure activities

Phone: +7 (843) 567-46-60


Nail Khamidullin

Vice-rector for infrastructure development and production activities

  • Hobby: fishing, reading
  • Goals: make professionals out of young specialist
  • Здесь и сейчас: creating high quality conditions for applying all the knowledge gained by students

Телефон: +7 (843) 567-46-09


Zufar Zakirov

Vice-rector for economic activities

  • Hobby: sports
  • Goals: improving key performance indicators of my work
  • Здесь и сейчас: creating comfortable living and work conditions for students and staff members

Phone: +7 (843) 567-45-50