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Safety and convenience

Is comfort - something of importance to you? And what about safety? Level of these two indications of standards of living is very high in Kazan.  

Do you want to take a walk around Kazan at night and enjoy the lights of the big city? Take a bus, taxi or metro and you are there! Public transportation is very efficient and safe here. 

You will often meet brave police officers on the streets of the city. They are there to ensure your safety and help, should difficult situation occur.

Kazan is a city with a vibrant and exciting life and plenty of leisure activities. You could choose from big range of daily events. Sports & sportive events, movies, theaters, cafes and foos festivals, different exhibitions and art events - everything is at your disposal and literally just one click away.

Where to live? You can choose from two options: rent an apartment or stay at the dorm.

You are going to certainly have lots of fun if you choose our dorm. You will meet a lot of your fellow students, make friends, and experience student's life to it's fullest. 

We have modern and comfortable university dormitories fully equipped and fit for student's busy lives. 

To cut it short, come and join us! You are going to love it!